Types of frames

Eyeglass frames are made out of many different materials, but basically they are can be grouped into metal or plastic. For plastic frames, zyl is the most common material. Nylon is often used in sport sunglasses. In metal frames, monel is most common, followed by titanium, stainless steel, nickel silver, and aluminium.

Below is a summary of all of the common frame materials:

  • Zyl eyeglass frames – also called Acetate
  • Monel eyeglass frames – made from nickel and copper
  • Titanium eyeglass frames – most popular metal frame type.
  • Stainless steel eyeglass frames
  • Nylon eyeglass frames – great for sport glasses
  • Nickel silver eyeglass frames – also called Alpaca
  • Aluminium – strong and lightweight



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